Brooke Donovan – Eastern Elementary

  • Teacher’s Name: Brooke Donovan
  • School: Eastern Elementary
  • Class Taught: fifth grade
  • Tell us about the teacher: My name is Jill, and I am nominating my niece Brooke Donovan for the Teacher of the Year Contest. Brooke is a 5th grade teacher at Eastern Elementary School in Sadieville,Ky. Brooke is a 30 year old, mother of two. Ella who is 6 and Grayson is 3. This past Dec.2, Brooke and her daughter Ella were in a terrible car accident on the way to school. Their car went off the road and through a plank fence. Ella was physically fine, but Brooke suffered many injuries. A portion of the fence (about 6in.long) went into Brooke’s right eye. She also suffered many facial injuries that will require several surgeries. The optic nerve in her eye has been injured, and as of today, she does not have use of that eye. Doctors are not sure if she will ever have sight in that eye. Brooke is so deserving of this nomination and hopefully will win the contest, because needless to say, her car was totaled in the accident. I just ask that anyone reading this will include my niece in your prayers tonight. Pray that the sight will return in her eye, and that she can get back to teaching her students that love her so much. 

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40 Responses to Brooke Donovan – Eastern Elementary

  • Carla Donovan says:

    Brooke is a wonderful person and teacher. She cares so much for her students and can’t wait to get back to the classroom . She is recovering from a terrible accident she had on her way to school with her daughter. It would be wonderful if she could win a car, hers was totaled in the accident.

  • Linda Haynes says:

    She is deserving of this because of her love for the children.

  • rashe wright says:

    I vote for brooke donovan

  • Jack Donovan says:

    Brooke is an excellent teacher and is well deserving of this recognition. Since her tragic accident she has stayed in contact with her students. She has written a blog and has been an encouragement to others. (Note: the correct spelling of her last name is Donovan)

    Thank you

  • Samantha Burge says:

    Pray she gets better, best of wishes!

  • Jessica Persley says:

    If anyone deserves this, it’s Brooke! She is an amazing teacher and such an inspiration to us all! She has touched so many in our community and continues to do so through her blog on her recovery. Her heart is huge and she deserves to be rewarded huge!

  • Crystal burgess says:

    Great teacher!!

  • Michell says:

    Brooke and her family attend our church. Their Faith through all of this is amazing. They are a wonderful and very deserving family. They show the rest of us that even through the bad times, God is there and they are faithful.

  • Dana Boggs says:

    Brooke is one amazing teacher with a very inspirational story!

    Good luck, Brooke Donovan!!

  • Marcie ward says:

    Good luck you deserve this

  • Christy says:

    Brooke has taken a positive approach to her terrible accident.
    She has continued to impact the lives of all the children she loves and shown them courage personified!

  • Michelle Stull says:

    Good Luck!!

  • David Wright says:

    As a parent of a student who had Mrs Donavan in 4th grade, I would completely agree that Brooke is well deserving of this prize.

  • Jennifer Williams says:

    Brooke deserves this win!! She’s such an inspiration and is now a walking miracle!

  • Lauren Bright says:

    Although Brooke was in a terrible accident and her focus should be on her recovery she is anxious to get back to school to be with her kids. She is a great teacher because of her hard work and dedication. She talks with her substitute daily and has called her kiddos in class just to check on them and let them know that she misses them and can’t wait to see them! Brooke is a wonderful mother, teacher and colleague and I’m glad to call her my friend!

  • Bonnie Howard says:

    My daughter Desaray Howard loves Ms. Donovan; she is one of her favorite teachers. With all she’s been thru she definately deserves this car.

  • Laurel Wood says:

    I admire Brooke in so many ways. She is more than a teacher to her students. She is a positive influence on all those around her, no matter what the circumstances.

  • Shea walling says:

    Wonderful person and a wonderful mom!
    Would be a great teacher of the year!!!

  • katie steffen says:

    Brooke is very deserving of this…read her blog…proof of the inspiration she is to others!

  • Tiffeney Schaad says:

    Brooke is very deserving of this award! I had the amazing privilege of learning from her myself while I was finishing my teaching degree. She opened her classroom up to me for 10 weeks and I walked along side her as she displayed genuine love for her students! She taught me much and continues to display bravery and compassion during the healing of her accident! Truly, there is no one more deserving than Brooke!

  • Robert Tackett says:

    Brooke Donovan is an excellent choice for this award..

  • Kelly Durham Russelburg says:

    Brooke is a great person and teacher! This is well deserved.

  • Kelli Nutter says:

    Brooke should be a winner of a car. Her bravery & story have touch me & many others. Let’s vote for Brooke to win a special blessing.

  • Alma Maxwell says:

    My vote goes to Brook Donovan.

  • Brittany M says:

    Help Brooke get the new car she so much deserves!

  • Steve Hill says:

    I wish Central Kentucky could have witnessed the outpouring of love and concern for Brooke. She has and will continue to make an awesome impact on Eastern Elementary. I was fortunate enough to teach Brooke’s 9th grade social studies class. She was brilliant then, and she still remains a bright star for Scott County Schools. Please consider her for the teacher of the year.

  • Amira says:

    Brooke is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. She is selfless, hardworking, passionate, and most of all humble. She deserves this more than anyone especially now that she has no car. Please vote for Brooke!!

    • Tom Cain says:

      Brooke is an awesome person. Her strength, faith and love have never waivered in the face of adversity. She loves her God, her family and her students. She deserves some good news.

  • Bekah says:

    I love my sister so much!! She deserves this(:

  • Brooke Wright says:

    Brooke absolutely deserves this without a doubt! She is such an amazing person and has stayed so positive since the wreck…she deserves something great!!! She is one who helps others strive to be better because she is so incredibly positive after such a life changing event!! Fingers crossed that she wins…because she truly deserves it!!!

  • Missie Hickey says:

    Brooke has turned an unfortunate accident into a beautiful testimony of strength and courage. I’m sure she’s an amazing teacher! Best wishes to you, Brooke!

  • Barbara Moore says:

    A very deserving young lady!

  • Julia Barkley says:

    Brooke is so deserving! She is a wonderful teacher & inspiration to us all!

  • Gina Whittle says:

    Brooke is an amazing young lady. She is so deserving of this honor! I had the pleasure of being her elementary PE teacher and then got to teach with her at a Southern Elementary. She had endured so much and remained strong in her faith. Good luck!

  • Paula Britsch says:

    Great teacher!

  • SHIRLEY GRAY says:


  • Timothy Price says:

    Truthfully, I don’t know Brooke but I have heard a lot about her. I believe the story of her accident alone is a testament to her abilities as a teacher. There are many teachers that are deserving of this award I am sure, but in our society, it is not academic skill that determines the best teacher. We must trust the teacher for the majority of our child’s waking day to instruct, protect and care for our children. They not only secure, but polish our most cherished jewels on this earth. They teach life skills and help mold our children’s character in our absence. It is for these reasons I vote for Brooke. It is my understanding that the first thing she did post accident, notwithstanding her own horrific injuries and without care for her own well being, was to check on her child in the backseat. Her first instinct was not self preservation, but rather to come to the aid of a child, albeit her own. This type of courage and selflessness personifies who she is, and what you can expect from her in the classroom. In my opinion, if I had a children, I would like for her to be their teacher.

  • Kermie Donovan says:

    Brooke is the most caring person I know. GO TEAM BROOKE!

    • MARY LOU CAIN says:


  • Jill Schneider says:

    Amazing!!!! But not surprising!!! Brooke, you have touched so many people.. So proud to call you my niece. Thanks for voting everyone…Fingers crossed :)

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